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8 Hour Safe Driving Practices Program

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The Safe Driving Practices Program as required by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles includes 8 (eight) hours
of classroom instruction only.  Students must be at least 16 years of age in order to begin taking any part of the program.  
The Connecticut Drivers Manual, decision making processes as well as the effects of drugs and alcohol will be covered
during the 8 hour program.  GreenLight Driving School does not guarantee that every student will pass the Connecticut
Drivers license exam when given.  The DMV does not require any professional instruction be given to a person obtaining a
CT drivers license, however, behind the wheel driving hours may be provided for an additional fee.  Please feel free to
contact the office with any questions.

Fee for the 8 hour Safe Driving Program is $125.00

I hereby give consent for (name of student) ________________________ to participate in classroom training.

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