Adult Driving Programs Available
(including both Behind the Wheel and classroom)
8- Hour Safe Driving Practices Program
(as required by the state of Connecticut for all drivers, including those
over the age of 18)
GreenLight Driving School
1059 South Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410
One on One Driving Sessions
It is very important to note that GreenLight Driving School does not allow
any other students in the car while instruction is being given,
regardless of
whether one student is dropping off or not.  Not every student learns at the
same pace so many driving courses are designed around the students
abilities.  Some remain on easier courses to begin, while others have more
challenging.   By the end, students almost always end up on the highway
their last session.
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Best of luck going into the 2017-2018 School

Classes will continue as regularly scheduled throughout the
course of the summer, still Tues., Wed., and Thur. evening
from 6-8. Please make sure that you child can complete all
15 of their classes and has all of their driving hours
scheduled prior to making a license test date. I am also
pleased to announce that Old Saybrook again has been
offering road tests for the teenagers. This is a great
alternative to both the current Hamden and Waterbury
locations.  Any student who does not cancel their driving
hours within 24 hours is subject to the  $50 no show fee.  
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Facebook for updates.

The current wait times for teens to test for their learners permits is
about 2-3 months.  Please know that students do not need to have a
permit in order to begin taking the classes, they simply need to be
16.  I would strongly urge anyone who will be turning 16 to schedule
their permit tests as soon as possible.  You can follow the link
below to schedule your test.  

A few side notes:

Classes run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
evenings from 6-8 pm.  Classes do not need to be attended
in order and students may jump in and jump out as needed.
Students enrolled in the full program must attend 15 classes
in addition to the 4 hour on road driving sessions.  
Students are not allowed to repeat classes.  New students
for the full program may just enroll on their first night of
class.  Those students who are attending just the 8 hour
safe driving program must register ahead of time.  Space is
limited and is given to those students enrolled in the full

Please note that during the day, I am usually not in the office.  Not
only do I drive with teenagers but also adults and often times am on
the road.  All of the office calls are forwarded to my cell phone, so
please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as
possible.   Also, please free to drop me a text at 203-506-3303.
Often I can drop a quick text back before I have time to return a call.

Permit Information:

On May 30th, 2012  the Connecticut DMV started offering permit testing
at a new location right in Cheshire.   All testing done at the location will
be by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Appointments can be made by going online
do it online.  Please contact the office for information on the new permit
testing.  This is very exciting and I for one am thrilled at the new location
and strides forward the DMV is  taking. Once a teenager has received
his/her permit they can start their on road training.  No teenager is
allowed to drive without a permit.  Teenagers do not need a permit to
begin taking classes.  

8 Hour Safe Driving Program

All students attending the 8 hour safe driving practices program must
pre-register for the course in advance. No walk ins will be allowed for the
8 hour program. Should you have any questions, please feel free to
contact the school at 203-250-8406 or via email at You can find the link to the email
address on our contact page .Please note that a student enrolled in the
full program is given priority seating at the parent teen classes.  Just a
reminder that only one parent and the teen need to attend class.  
The teen must be present at the class.  Also, class 16(The
parent/teen class) does not replace class 15.  This is still part of the
drug & alcohol session.  All students must attend lesson 15.
Individuals over the age of 18 who have never held a drivers license are
now required to take the 8 hour safe driving program and obtain and
adult learners permit.  While not required by the state, it is encouraged
that all adults take atleast 1-2 hours of on road training.  The person
must be under the instruction of a commercial driving school instructor,
secondary school instructor or a person 20 years of age or older who
has held a license, which has not been suspended, for four or more
consecutive years prior to training.

Flexible Payments:

I understand that with our current economy many people feel that they
cannot afford to send their child to drivers education.  GreenLight
Driving School would like to make drivers education as cost effective and
accessible for parents as possible.  Please feel free to take advantage of
our  payment plan option.   Currently, when a student signs up for the
entire program which consists of 15 classes and 8 hours behind the
wheel, the deposit required is $325.00.  In an effort to lighten the
economic burden, parents can now make weekly or monthly payments
towards the total cost of drivers education.  Please contact Heather with
any questions. My goal as owner of Greenlight Driving School is to make
sure that my students receive the education they deserve, not what they
can pay for.  I would rather have a student pay $5.00 a week towards the
full program than not take it at all.  For your added convenience, Visa
and Mastercard are now also accepted.

Long Term Students:

Effective August 1, 2009

All new students must complete the full program of drivers education
which includes the 30 hours of classroom, 8 hours of behind the wheel
training and the 2 hour parent/teen class within one year of signing up.  
NO EXCEPTIONS.  Those students who take classes and driving lessons
beyond the one year period can be subject to a fee of an additional
$50.00 if prior approval has not been given. Those students enrolled in
the 8 hour safe driving practices program must be completed with the
program within 6 months.
Flexible rotating class schedule
Convenient Evening Classes
Classes are held 3 evenings a week for added convenience
Why Choose GreenLight Driving
Greenlight offers classes that work around your schedule, not the
other way around.  Classes are held in the evenings after sports,
music programs and most teen jobs.  Classes do not need to be
attended in order, and students may attend classes as little as once
a week or as often as 3 times a week.  Each student simply needs to
complete 15 lesson numbers.  Any order, any time.
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